Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Constructing a physical model

Stage 4
Printed out a poor quality wallpaper texture I had made, soaked it in water then (placing and tearing) applied it to the walls. Dripped Raw Sienna ink into parts to create a stained effect. Picked away the edges.

For the floor I layered old dusty paper over the texture then hot glued a piece of old jumper to act as carpet (hand-fulls of dust and grime were applied liberally).

Stage 3
Glued a layer of ripped "cardboard fluff" on top of the texture. Layered handmade paper on top of some sections then painted with acrylic. Once it dried I took a craft knife to sections; exposing the texture and emphasising depth by painting certain areas.

Stage 2
Printed out the high-res textures I created in Photoshop, then glued them onto the wood.

Stage 1
Cut out 4 pieces of wood: 3 walls & 1 floor.
Firstly, I apologise for the poor photo quality. I decided to go ahead and create a physical layout of our environment. Although I hadn't sketched any ideas, I had the colour, style and feel strongly fleshed out in my head.

Above all else, this is to help us picture how we'll animate our character within the space and to act as a guide when we progress further into development.


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