Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Website idea

We're planning on having a website for the project. However, instead of it being about the actual animation, we've decided to create the business website for the pharmaceutical company behind 'Kali'.

Embellished information, propaganda and corporate confidence are the name of the game. There'll be links on how to use Kali, reviews from 'clients' and spin doctored news reports.

It'll be in the same vein as Verhoven style media satire and absurdity (but probably nowhere NEAR as genius).

Still, we can try.
The 3D cube spins constantly, photos fade in and out & lines dash around all whilst a sultry futuristic female voice introduces elements of the site.

For those interested in the name of the company:

- Omni Consumer Products (OCP - Robocop).

- Pharmakon - ambiguous Greek term for 'cure' / 'poison'.

- PCP - Good old Angel Dust with its hallucinogenic, anaesthetic & 'stimulating' properties.

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